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Which is your favorite ever iPhone?


No matter what your phone preference, there's no denying that Apple changed the way we use our phones. Since the original iPhone was announced in January 2007, the smartphone has developed to offer more features than most of us could have ever imagined possible in the early 2000s.

The original iPhone may be horrifically dated now – you can't even change the background image or get a 3G signal – but it still marks one of the major turning points in phone technology. Plus that was only nine years ago.

But phones have come so far in a short space of time. Since then we've seen a lot of change in the Apple market too – we've had incredible highs with some of the best phones ever created as well as some real lows.

The iPhone 5C wasn't all that cheap like some had anticipated, some had iPhone 4 signal issues and the iPhone 6 Plus had to contend with bendgate. But let's focus on the highs of the iPhone line.

We want to know which is your favorite iPhone ever. Take part in our poll and then let us know in the comments at the bottom of the page why you've voted the way you did.