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Verizon debuts new global data package

Verizon debuts global package
Now Verizon customers can travel without roaming

Verizon is launching a new global data package to take away some of the stress from travel plans.

Last month, the first details of a new Verizon family data plan were leaked.

The global package offers 100MB of data for $25 per month.

That's a high price for the data, but it is certainly more affordable than the standard roaming data price.

What happens if you go over?

If you go over your allotted global data a text message will alert you that another 100MB has been added and another $25 will appear on your monthly bill.

Should your travels take you outside of Verizon's coverage, a pay-per-usage rate of $0.02 per 1KB will apply.

The new global data package will be available April 23 across the US with all of Europe, South America, the Caribbean, Mexico and Canada covered by the plan.

Via Hothardware