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TweetDeck for iPhone finally launches

TweetDeck coming to the iPhone
TweetDeck coming to the iPhone

TweetDeck, the popular desktop Twitter application, has finally made its way onto the iPhone platform.

The application was apparently submitted to Apple in the morning of 17 June, where it is currently awaiting approval.

The new version takes the user experience found on the desktop and ports it to the iPhone, with data transferred between the two versions.

Friend groups are placed in columns for easy viewing, with changing between columns activated by flicking the phone.


There's a Facebook-style bar for updates, and multiple account support, according to the preview on Mashable.

Shaking will also refresh the device, so it's lucky that the iPhone is picking up the 'Shake-To-Shuffle' function, else everyone would wonder why you're so angry at the handset.

Digg founder Kevin Rose released the news of the application on his blog yesterday, and now fans will be excited to find out the release is finally on its way (Apple permitting).

Via Mashable