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Rumour: iPhone 5 set for liquid metal casing and June launch

Rumour: iPhone 5 to for liquid metal casing and June launch
Is the iPhone 5 preparing to do a T-100 on us?

Rumours from South Korea claim the next generation Apple iPhone 5 will showcase a redesigned liquid metal casing.

The report, which also says the device will launch in June at WWDC, expects Apple to employ liquid metal alloys in place of the glass featured on the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S.

This technology would, apparently, make the device thinner, lighter and stronger than those previous models.

Not that far-fetched

The report does have solid grounding, due to a licensing agreement Apple signed with Liquidmetal Technologies in August 2010.

The accord grants Apple the IP rights to the company's "amorphous metal" technology for use in any of its future devices.

While it seems the use of such technology isn't that far-fetched, whether it'll be ready in time for a June launch is debatable, considering the iPhone 4S is still early in its lifespan.

Advanced prototype

Of course, when we think liquid metal, it instantly conjures memories of the deadly T-1000, the antagonist from the second Terminator movie, Judgement Day.

Although we hope the iPhone 5 doesn't suddenly morph into a sharp stabbing weapons, it would be quite handy if this happened on those dreadful occasions when iPhones take terminal tumbles.

Via: BoyGeniusReport