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Buy an iPhone in the UK

The Apple iPhone is due to hit the USA on Friday 29 June

Do you fancy getting your hands on an iPhone ? Just because you don't live in the USA doesn't mean that this year's hottest piece of gadgetry should be out of your reach.

The US launch of the iPhone is this Friday, 29 June, although the European launch is not until the end of this year. But you don't have to wait. With a little ingenuity (and know-how) you could soon be brandishing an iPhone in front of your friends, here in the UK. is offering essential tips on how to avoid the wait and get an iPhone now . If you're thinking of crossing to the USA you should know what you'll be letting yourself in for, and where to go to get hold of an iPhone without getting on a waiting list.

  • Where are the best places to buy? And should you avoid buying online?
  • What if you don't want to sign up to a long-term contract deal?
  • And what dangers are there if you do buy a US iPhone for use in the UK - will it work over here?

You can find out the answers here .