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LG Optimus 7 leaked ahead of Microsoft launch

LG's new E900 outed in press pics
LG's new E900 outed in press pics

The official press shots of the forthcoming LG Optimus 7 have been leaked to the world, days before the Windows Phone 7 press conference.

The phone has been labelled the E900 Optimus 7, which is a little confusing as at IFA last month, LG announced a new phone called the Optimus 7 – but that had a QWERTY keyboard and a very different button layout.

So it's more than possible that the leaked press shots show another member of the Optimus 7 family, or there will be variants of the same phone.

Nothing left to leak

After the leak of the HTC Mozart by phone networks and re-sellers yesterday, the press pics from LG mean it's possible the Optimus 7(s) could be shown off on 11 October with Steve Ballmer, or later at an LG-only press conference.

We know most of the specs, as they've been outlined by Microsoft: 1 GHz processor, WVGA screen, no microSD slot and a GPU inside.

It will be interesting to find out the rest of the specs, and what extra functionality LG has added to the party, when the covers come off next week.

From via Engadget