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iPhone 5 jailbreak on its way, but it's no easy feat

iPhone 5 jailbreak on its way, but it's no easy feat
Viva la revolution!

Dev teams around the world have been busily plugging away at jailbreaking the iPhone 5 and one group reckons it's nearly there.

Apparently the Chronic Dev Team has almost finished its tethered jailbreak, but it's been no easy feat thanks to the new chip and operating system inside the iPhone 5.

One of the Chronic Dev Team, @planetbeing, tweeted information about the project: "Upgraded the #failbreak with a kernel exploit so tweaks actually work on iPhone 5. Almost a full tethered JB, though need dev account."

Devs only for now

The current jailbreak requires iPhone 5 owners to have a developer account, which means average users who want to unlock their sixth generation iPhone will have to wait a bit longer.

There's no word on when an universal solution will be available, but we can now be sure that one will arrive at some point unless the developer world suddenly forgets how to do everything.

In our iPhone 5 review we noted it is the best smartphone to come out of the Cupertino-firm, with it's bigger 4-inch display and beefed up A6 processor, but not everyone is a fan of the locked-down Apple experience, which is why jailbreaks prove to be so popular.

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