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Google delivers powerful translation service for iPhone

One of these could be a useful ally when struggling with languages

iPhone owners planning a trip to a country whose language they don't know may first invest in a decent phrasebook. But a handy idea from Google will suit those who prefer to use their clever shiny Apple

On the back of a trip to Europe, a team at Google's mobile division decided to create a version of Google Translate for the iPhone and the result is a new version of the site tailor made for the handset.

Offline work too

Unlike the PC version, the new mobile site is optimised for the iPhone to offer translations to and from all the languages supported by the full-fat service, including Japanese, Chinese, Spanish and German.

As well as that handy trick, the iPhone caches all past translations and allows users to browse them even when offline, thereby reducing the amount of data that needs to be downloaded.

Apparently, a few hundred translations can be squeezed into just 1MB of data. Even so, the Google team suggests you check the cost of roaming data carefully before getting stuck into it. You can find the service at