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Apple picks European iPhone partner

T-Mobile's iPhone page is now gone - but it did appear briefly yesterday

It looks like Apple has already chosen at least one of its mobile partners for the European launch of the iPhone - and it's a leak on the network's website that has given the game way.

Yes it appears that T-Mobile is Apple's German partner or choice, at least according to some of the company's German visitors who briefly - very briefly - saw a reference to the iPhone on its website.

There's nothing conclusive here mind - it's just the word 'iPhone', after all - but it's been enough to set off the iDroolers again, included.

Naturally T-Mobile is still denying everything, but we know an Apple-related faux-pas when we see one - Apple's been prone to a few inadvertent product info leaks on its own site from time to time.

You can see what all the fuss is about over at Focus Online , which has screen grabs of the actual iPhone reference from the T-Mobile site.