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4-inch iPhone 5 screen 'confirmed' by second source

4-inch iPhone 5 screen confirmed by second source
Apple fans, start doing your hand exercises

The rumours surrounding a bigger screen on the next generation of iPhone have taken another step towards reality as a source confirms a 4-inch display.

We heard yesterday that a Wall Street Journal source claimed that the iPhone 5 would sport a display at least 4-inches in size.

News bods Reuters has now waded into the debate, with word from its own sources confirming that the sixth generation iPhone will have a bigger screen, reporting that the display "will measure 4 inches from corner to corner".

4-inches guaranteed?

The source goes on to reveal that production of the new, larger screens has already begun at three suppliers based in Korea and Japan.

Production of the iPhone 5 is predicted to start in August, with the three screen manufacturers possibly receiving orders from Apple in June.

The talk about production in August sets the iPhone 5 up for a launch somewhere around October, as Apple looks to stick with its annual product cycle, after we saw the iPhone 4S arrive in the same month last year.

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From Reuters