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Apple preparing 25 million 3G iPhones?

Foxconn expects three million iPhone shipments in June

Foxconn Electronics has been selected by Apple to assemble the company's 3G iPhone prior to its expected June launch. That's according to a report from the Commercial Times, which could have a profound impact on the mobile industry.

Citing sources at Foxconn and institutional investors, the Commercial Times claims that Apple directed Foxconn to obtain the required materials for production of the 3G


and have an initial test build ready by the end of May.

The manufacturing company expects three million iPhone shipments in June and almost 25 million during the mobile phone's entire lifespan.

Shipments are still unconfirmed

"Reports of a 3G version iPhone are all unconfirmed at present, although industry watchers are fairly confident an announcement will be made at or around Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference 2008 in June based on the current high market demand for the device, plus the proposed timing of the announcement, approximately one year after Apple launched the first-generation iPhone, is characteristic for the company," the Commercial Times wrote in the report.

Neither Apple nor Foxconn has commented on the possible deal between the companies, but considering the manufacturing firm is the sole producer of the current iPhone and the timetable makes sense, look for some announcements to be made soon.