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Apple iPhone software 2.01 arrives

iPhone bug fixes arrive
iPhone bug fixes arrive

Apple has released iPhone software 2.01 onto iTunes, with the focus on fixing some of the problems reported with the prior upgrade.

Crashing apps and non-responsive keyboard reports have been flooding message boards since the iPhone 2.0 software arrived at the same time as the Apple iPhone 3G, but help is apparently at hand.

Apple's description of what the upgrade brings is to the point merely stating 'bug fixes' and the 250MB file should be available right now.

Minor changes to a massive upgrade

2.0 was a massive software upgrade for the iPhone, bringing third party applications for the first time and a wealth of added functionality.

The update should bring some relief from those suffering iRage – although the updated phone has been a massive smash in terms of sales and the amount of applications downloaded from Apple's app store.

It saddens TechRadar to point out that there is still no cut and paste. Booo!