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HP, Dell and Asus tipped as Windows 8 tablet launch partners

HP, Dell and Asus tipped as Windows 8 tablet launch partners
Tablets - Windows 8 to the world

A number of manufacturers have been tipped as Windows 8 tablet makers eyeing an October release date, including HP, Dell, Lenovo, Acer and Asus.

The word comes by way of Digitimes and its supply chain contacts, who also finger Sony, Toshiba, Samsung, and Lenovo as working on Windows 8 tablets for an early 2013 launch.

Meanwhile Nokia, Microsoft's bestest bud and tablet wildcard, may release a 10-inch ARM-based Windows 8 tablet in November 2012 to complete the pack.

Take your tablets

Dell has been relatively quiet on the tablet front, only launching the Dell Streak 10 tablet running Android Honeycomb late last year which it then quietly ditched.

Similarly, HP's forays into the tablet market have been less than successful with the HP TouchPad proving popular only after being vastly reduced.

But the sources haven't stopped at just Windows 8 tablets, oh no – they've also decided that Apple will launch a 9.7-inch iPad in October, putting the iOS-shaped cat amongst the Windows 8-shaped pigeons for sure. We're not convinced.

From Digitimes