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Chromebooks outpace Mac sales for the first time in history


Chromebooks are proving to be a shining beacon of hope amongst all the doom and gloom in the PC market.

The International Data Corporation reports Chromebook shipments in the United States have outpaced Macs for the first time in history. Q1 2016 financial records estimate that Apple sold roughly 1.76 million Macs while Dell, HP, Acer and Lenovo sold nearly two million Chromebooks in the same amount of time.

This is good news for Chromebooks, especially when rumors last November suggested Google was going to abandon its Chrome OS platform.

However, consider the reality that users can buy roughly five Chromebooks for the price of one MacBook Air. It also took the combined might of four major PC manufacturers to overpower Mac sales.

That said, we'll still happy take this silver lining of news in a world of dwindling PC sales. Things seemingly will only go up from with the introduction of premium machines like the HP Chromebook 13 are greater Google Play Store integration being announced at Google IO 2016.

Via 9to5Mac