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World's first iPhone band


As geek music projects go, the latest rock iBand project put together by a bunch of keen iPhone and DS music aficionados has to be up there.

An iPhone band “is the next step” according to iBand member Sebastian Wöber who, somewhat strangely, contributes to the band by playing Electroplankton on his Nintendo DS.

Piano, Guitar, Electroplankton

Well, at TechRadar we’re not entirely convinced that this is the next step, but it’s certainly an amusing concept. iBand member Marina Dell'mour plays the iAnoan iPhone application which turns your iPhone into a touchscreen piano, while Roland Dell'mour strums the PocketGuitar, a different iPhone app that turns the device into a touchscreen guitar.

Wöber plans to drop the Nintendo from the line-up, claiming: "We'll... gather (more iPhones) and add a drum set with the BeatPhone app and a guitar and lose the DS."

See the iBand in action over on YouTube.