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Nikon: our Pix are Cool with S60

The Nikon S60
The Nikon S60

Nikon: a company that looks at its laurels and deems them to be uncomfortable for resting.

So it has carried on with releasing the snappers with the new S60, a 10MP camera with a 3.5 inch touch screen viewing and control panel.

It feature a Nikkor five times zoom lens for decent pics, with Vibration Reduction capability and high ISO sensitivity.

Which scene do I want?

It aslso has all the necessary feature-gubbins, such as Scene Auto Selector, enhanced Face Recognition, Smile Timer with blink detection, time-lapse movies, in-camera retouch and HDMI output for outputting to HDMI sources…obviously.

The S60 also uses Nikon's Exspeed processing system, originally designed for D-SLRs, for quick production of snaps.

The 3.5 inch screen allows you to control nearly all the camera' functions by touch alone, and the anti-glare coating allows up to 160 degree viewing, for all those vital moments when you need to stand next to your camera rather than behind it.

Get your grubby mitts on one for £299.99 from mid-September.