Best TV deals in Australia (April 2024): top discounts on Samsung, LG, TCL and more

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Looking for the best TV deals in Australia? You're in luck. We make it our mission to search for cheap TVs from all of Australia's major retailers on a regular basis, to ensure you're getting the best price on some of the best TVs currently available. 

And the good news is, we're already seeing discounts on some of the freshest releases of 2024, which is certainly surprising. Below you can find some great prices on the LG C4 and Samsung S90D, both exceptional updates to what were some of our favourite TVs of 2023. 

And, in line with the price drops on the newer screens, it means the great discounts we saw on some of 2023's best, are no even greater. 

Other notable mentions have to go to TCL's excellent C845 Mini-LED TV, which is now more affordable than ever, and let's not forget the LG C3 OLED – included in our picks for the best TVs. Sony's stupendous A80L OLED is also continuing to get in on the discount action. 

Whether you’re on the hunt for a powerful OLED, a bright, colourful QLED or one of the best gaming TVs, we’ve tracked down all the top 4K TV deals in Australia below.

Prices below are listed as current at time of writing, and deals may expire at any time due to stock limits or pricing changes. So if you spot the right saving for you, don't be shy and act fast to land yourself the ideal bargain.

Best TV deals available now

40 to 60-inch TV deals

LG C4 55-inch OLED TV | AU$3,299AU$2,895 at The Good Guys eBay APRSAV

LG C4 55-inch OLED TV | AU$3,299 AU$2,895 at The Good Guys eBay with code APRSAV (save AU$404)

The LG C4 OLED is so new we haven't even had a chance to give it a full and thorough review, yet here it is with a discount already! We have gone eyes-on with the LG C4 however, and what was immediately clear was just how much brighter it is compared to its C3 predecessor (also on sale below). 

This deal price at The Good Guys eBay is available with the code APRSAV at checkout. Do note however, there is a AU$35 delivery charge. If you go to The Good Guys direct, you'll pay AU$2,995 (a price beat option is usually available) you can elect to pick it up from a store for free. 

LG 55-inch C3 OLED TV | AU$3,495AU$2,198 at Appliance Central

LG 55-inch C3 OLED TV | AU$3,495 AU$2,198 at Appliance Central (save AU$1,297)

If you're looking to spend less on an OLED TV but still want something sensational, then the LG C3 OLED TV is still worthy of a recommendation. It has now been succeeded by the LG C4 above, but we considered the C3 to be one of the best sets from 2023, an opinion we still hold true today. 

It's a fantastic choice for gamers thanks to generous support and game optimisation features, and will transform your home cinema experience if you're an avid movie fan. 

And the good news is the 55-inch model is back to receiving a discount of over AU$1,000, something we'd only previously seen during Black Friday weekend in 2023. 

Other sizes: 42-inch: AU$1,488

Samsung S90D 55-inch QD-OLED TV | AU$3,299AU$2,750 at Appliance Central

Samsung S90D 55-inch QD-OLED TV | AU$3,299 AU$2,750 at Appliance Central (save AU$549)

Samsung's latest for 2024 has also been given the discount treatment, and a more generous one at that compared to the LG C4 discount mentioned above. Again, we haven't yet been able to give this latest screen a full review, but its S90C predecessor was our overall favourite TV of 2023, so we have no doubt this newbie will improve upon it even further. 

If you want to own the latest and greatest TVs, this deal is for you. 

Other sizes: 65-inch: AU$3,899

60 to 75-inch TV deals

Sony A80L 65-inch 4K OLED TV | AU$4,495AU$3,695 at Sony Australia eBay Store

Sony A80L 65-inch 4K OLED TV | AU$4,495 AU$3,695 at Sony Australia eBay Store (save AU$800) 

A very welcome saving on this sensational 2023 Sony 4K OLED screen, direct from the maker's own eBay store. Our colleagues at What Hi-Fi? awarded it a full five stars, praising its picture for being "cinematically authentic." The main niggle was the price, so this discount, helps to remedy any qualms. 

Just enter code APRSAV at checkout to secure the full discount. 

TCL C845 65-inch Mini-LED TVAU$2,495AU$1,480 at Appliance Central

TCL C845 65-inch Mini-LED TV | AU$2,495 AU$1,480 at Appliance Central (save AU$1.015)

While we didn't go eyes on with the TCL C845 in 2023, our sister site What Hi-Fi? once again fills in the gaps, and they bestowed a full five-star review upon it. They even went so far as to claim the C845 was 2023's "biggest TV bargain," praising it for its use of mini LEDs and high number of dimming zones, which work together to produce an incredibly bright picture that is chock for of detail. 

You are going to get a more impressive picture from other established brands, but screen from those guys can cost three or four times as much. 

A successor model – the C855 – has been announced, with a huge increase in the number of dimming zones, so we do expect that to improve upon this model greatly. However, that screen will also be full price upon release (although likely still 'affordable') and we don't yet know when it will launch. If you want a terrific TV on a budget, there's nothing better right now than the C845. 

Other sizes: 55-inch: AU$1,090

75-inch+ TV deals

LG B3 75-inch OLED TV | AU$6,495AU$4,250 at Appliance Central

LG B3 75-inch OLED TV | AU$6,495 AU$4,250 at Appliance Central (save AU$2,245)

Considering the only niggles we could find with in our LG B3 review were its flat sound and cheap-feeling stand (both of which can be rectified with a soundbar and a wall mount) means this 'entry-level' screen is actually a true bargain in disguise. And now with over AU$2,000 shaved off its original price, it's an absolute steal.

It doesn't get the brightness boosting Evo panel found in the C3, but it's still able to deliver a thoroughly impressive picture that only serves to prove why OLED is such a special TV technology. 

We have seen this screen come down in price further before, so it's surprising to see it increase again slightly, but ultimately, this is still a great price for a fantastic, huge OLED TV. 

Samsung QN90C 75-inch Neo QLED TV | AU$5,295AU$3,699 at Appliance Central

Samsung QN90C 75-inch Neo QLED TV | AU$5,295 AU$3,699 at Appliance Central (save AU$1,596)

Our sister site Tom's Guide reviewed this screen in its 65-inch guise and found it to offer exceptional levels of brightness and detail, although couldn't quite match the performance of Samsung's flagship S95C. As more of a mid-range set, however, and now with over AU$1,000 knocked off, this is a great option for most people. 

Chances to save on our favourite soundbars

So you've just bought a new TV for your living room, or are looking to boost the sound quality of your existing TV, what's next? 

While the sound from some TVs has certainly improved since they first went flat and thin, for a better home cinema experience, you'll want to look at adding one of the best soundbars to your setup, to ensure your home cinema experience is elevated as much as possible. With this being the case, below we'll look to keep you up to date with any and all opportunities to save on the soundbars we've picked out as our personal favourites.

Samsung HW-Q990C | AU$1,999AU$1,136 at Appliances Online eBay

Samsung HW-Q990C | AU$1,999 AU$1,136 at Appliances Online eBay (save AU$863)

We've seen this Samsung Dolby Atmos soundbar hit sub-AU$1000 before, but if you happened to have missed out on that low low price, this AU$863 saving still represents decent value. 

We considered the Q990C to be 2023's best soundbar for Dolby Atmos, thanks in large part to its 11.1.4 channel count, capable of creating a genuine, enveloping Atmos soundfield. It's also not bad when it comes to music playback, meaning it could effectively replace your whole living room setup. 

This is an incredible price for a flagship soundbar, pretty much blowing anything else we can find out of the water. If you've been wanting to upgrade your home cinema experience with a convenient soundbar solution, this is it. 

Just enter code APRSAVE at checkout to get the full saving.

Samsung HW-Q800C | AU$1,099AU$586 at Bing Lee eBay store

Samsung HW-Q800C | AU$1,099 AU$586 at Bing Lee eBay store (save AU$513)

If you don't need the immense power of the Q990C above, but still want a terrific sounding Dolby Atmos soundbar, then the Samsung HW-Q800C is without a doubt the next best option. We loved it so much when we reviewed it, that we confidently claimed it to be the best overall Atmos soundbar to be released in 2023. 

Pretty much the only negative point is that it doesn't offer 4K/120Hz passthrough, but if you have multiple inputs on your TV, this shouldn't too much of an issue. And, now that it's nearly half price, it's even easier to recommend. 

Just enter code APRSAVE at checkout.

Sony HT-G700 | AU$900AU$556 at Amazon

Sony HT-G700 | AU$900 AU$556 at Amazon (save AU$344)

Another entry on our list of best soundbars, we found the Sony HT-G700 to be one of the best performers in the budget space. It doesn't get dedicated upward firing drivers found on more expensive models, but Sony's audio processing technology is so good it doesn't even really need them. If you have a smaller space, this Sony soundbar will do the trick admirably. 

Also available for the same AU$556 at Sony Australia

More 4K smart TV deals

The televisions listed above are but a small selection of the TV deals available online, with loads of sets in various sizes and brands reduced every day. If the TVs above don't suit your needs or fit your price range, you can check out even more cheap 4K TV deals at Getprice

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