Vodafone 'looking into' mysterious iPhone 5 specs

SureSignal slip raises rumours of imminent iPhone

A recent listing on Vodafone's website mentioning the iPhone 5 has set tongues wagging that the phone is nearing release.

Vodafone's network enhancing SureSignal box appeared online with the much-rumoured phone listed in the compatible handsets section, in both 16GB and 32GB flavours and in black and white too.

We've spoken to the network about how this could have happened, and while it didn't confirm or deny the impending launch of a new iPhone, the spokesperson said Vodafone wasn't sure how this happened:

"Vodafone Sure Signal gives customers excellent 3G coverage in their home or small business. It works with any 3G phone, regardless of manufacturer. We're looking at how this listing appeared, but in the meantime we won't be commenting on any rumour or speculation."

Phantom menace

It seems that the listing may indeed have been the work of an over-zealous database worker - or one who was so sure the iPhone 5 was coming that they decided to write it into the list now rather than wait for the inevitable unveiling.

The new phone should be announced by Apple any day now, with a likely iPhone 5 release date scheduled for October according to the rumours. If you're still hankering for more information, check out iPhone wish list video below.


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