Verizon's march of the Droids could kick off July 23

A grand event next Tuesday

Not to be left out of the big four carrier news, Verizon today informed the media that it will be hosting a New York City get together July 23.

Then and there, it plans to introduce "the next generation of [its] most popular family of devices."

Details are scarce, but we're almost certainly in for a dose of Droid news. Three handsets - the Droid Ultra, Droid Maxx and Droid Mini - have all been tipped to succeed the Droid Razr line, so it could be a three for one special come next Tuesday.

Or perhaps we're in for some Moto X exhibitionism? Rumor is that the device isn't a "Droid," but Verizon may have different designs.

Whatever we're in for, tune back into TechRadar for all of Big Red's doings.

More blips!

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