The best iPhone 5S deals

The phone is premium, the price needn't be

iPhone 5S

While the iPhone 5S is being quickly outshone by the glut of new flagships from the likes of Samsung, HTC et al, there's still a great deal of lust for Apple's flagship phone.

Its age doesn't show either, thanks to a high end build and impeccably fast performance. This sadly means it still commands a high price tag too, but if you're dead-set on owning one, then hopefully these deals will soften the blow on your wallet.


EE is arguably the best 4G network right now, at least in terms of widespread coverage. So if you want superfast mobile data on your iPhone 5S you could do a lot worse than these here deals.

iPhone 5S

Right now the handset is available in grey, silver or gold for £37.99 per month with no upfront charge and that gets you 4GB of 4G data, unlimited minutes and unlimited texts.

Over 24 months that comes out at £911.76. Plus if you opt for the grey or gold handset you get a free case, car charger and car holder.


On O2 one of the best deals you can currently get the iPhone 5S for, in gold, grey or silver, is with 5GB of 4G data alongside unlimited minutes and texts for £38 per month, with no upfront cost.

That's £912 over 24 months, so roughly the same as the EE deal, except with slightly more data. On the other hand O2's 4G coverage isn't as comprehensive, so check if you've got good service before plumping for the extra gigabyte.


Vodafone currently has a pretty cheap deal where you can get the iPhone 5S with 1GB of data and unlimited minutes and texts for just £33 per month - plus £48 cashback.

It's available in gold or grey and there's no charge for the handset itself, so you'll be paying just £744 over 24 months, which makes it one of the cheapest deals around.

iPhone 5S

Vodafone also offers 12 month contracts for the iPhone 5S, the best of which is probably a £57 per month one, which comes with 5GB of data plus unlimited minutes and texts, though you will have to pay £29.99 upfront and you'll be getting a refurbished handset, not a new one.

All in all that comes to £713.99, meaning you'll be spending less than most 24 month contract deals and be able to get the iPhone 6 when it appears.


Three has a great deal available at the moment if you're looking for unlimited data with your iPhone 5S. With no upfront cost you can get the handset in gold, silver or grey with unlimited minutes, 4G data and texts for £39 per month.

That comes out at just £936 over 24 months, which considering there are no limits is pretty good.

iPhone 5S


If you're happy with a 3G tariff then you can get the iPhone 5S in grey, gold or silver on T-Mobile with unlimited data, 500 minutes and unlimited texts.

That costs £37.99 per month, plus you get £24 cashback and there's no upfront cost, so it's £887.76 over the course of 24 months once you factor the cashback in. That's not a bad price but remember you only get 3G data with T-Mobile.

iPhone 5S


Orange also has a £37.99 per month tariff (plus £24 cashback) for the iPhone 5S, but this one comes with unlimited minutes and texts but only 1GB of 3G data.

So if calls are more important to you than mobile data then this is obviously a better bet than the T-Mobile one. This deal is for the handset in grey and totals the same £887.76 over 24 months.

Or you can get it on the same tariff in gold or silver, but there's no cashback there so it will set you back £911.76 over 24 months.