iPad mini 4 has a better display than the iPad Pro

And the best LCD tablet display

Thinking of splashing out on the premium iPad Pro? Well if you want the best display Apple has to offer then you might want to look to the smaller and cheaper iPad mini 4.

In a comprehensive shoot-out DisplayMate has found that the iPad mini 4 not only has the best iPad screen, but the best LCD tablet display full stop.

The site declared it a near 'textbook perfect' LCD display and found that it topped the iPad Pro and iPad Air 2 for colour gamut, colour accuracy, contrast accuracy, performance in ambient light and overall image and picture quality.

Contrast compromise

The only category where it was topped by another iPad was contrast ratio. The iPad mini 4 still achieved a 'very good' result here, but as it doesn't have a photo aligned LCD the iPad Air 2 and iPad Pro top it, with the Pro achieving the best rating.

The iPad mini 4 also achieved record breaking scores in some categories, such as screen reflectance and colour accuracy, the latter of which it's tied for with the Microsoft Surface Pro 4.

None of which is to say the iPad Pro and iPad Air 2 aren't worth buying. They tested well too and the extra size could definitely come in handy, but if all you want is the best quality screen then you probably want the iPad mini 4.

Given that it's been found to have the best LCD tablet display it also tops most of the competition outside of Apple's camp.

It's only real competition comes from OLED screens, such as those found on the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2, which have their own strengths, for example displaying true blacks.