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The best Hong Kong VPN 2021

hong kong vpn
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With the arrival of the Hong Kong national security law introduced in June 2020, many may be in want of a VPN as latest legislation passed by China mimics the 'Great Firewall of China' in limiting freedom of speech online. While its yet to reach the extent of China's own censorship, we would suggest a Hong Kong VPN to ensure you can access websites and platforms that may very soon be on the way out.

So far Hong Kong's internet censorship has only seen the restriction imposed on a handful of political and religious online publications and resources. However, as these rulings come in from neighbours across the border, Hong Kong residents and visitors could expect further blocking measures like those in place in China. These include Google and Wikipedia, news websites like the BBC and New York Times, social networking platforms like Facebook and Twitter, as well as messaging apps like WhatsApp. You'll also be restricted across streaming services, too, including Spotify, YouTube and Twitch.

With a Hong Kong VPN, however, you can make the most of geo-spoofing, effectively making your device appear as if you're based in another country entirely - a country that will allow you to access these websites.

On top of that, you'll be able to mask your IP address and identity online with many Hong Kong VPN services equipped with strong traffic encryption, maintain anonymity as you browse.

Keep reading as we highlight the best Hong Kong VPN available to bypass Hong Kong's looming internet censorship.

Today's 5 best Hong Kong VPNs:

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1. ExpressVPN

Best all-round VPN in the world

Tried and tested in China
Superb across the board
Really useful 24/7 customer support
Fast and secure
Not the cheapest

The best Hong Kong VPN 2021 - Get 3 months FREE and 49% off

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ExpressVPN tops our best VPN for China hitlist and has done for a while. It has really led the way when it comes to getting around those government-sanctioned website blocks.

That's obviously a start, but it wouldn't be worth recommending if it didn't excel in several other areas, too. It has servers in over 90 countries, for one, so wherever you want to relocate your IP address, you have more options than pretty much every one of its competitors can manage.

Indeed, ExpressVPN actively monitors its network for China accessibility and ensures that its software stays ahead of the censors’ efforts to block connections. Under the hood, ExpressVPN uses obfuscation protocols and advanced technology to provide the best possible experience for users in Hong Kong.

ExpressVPN offers consistent and reliable performance, with smart dedicated apps for most devices including routers. And in the unlikely event that you struggle to get it working, we can tell your from experience that its 24/7 live chat support is fantastic at sorting out problems.

Want to give it a go without committing? Then the 30-day money-back guarantee is completely quibble free and means you can effectively try before you buy. But if you do want it for keeps, the annual plan is by far the best value:

Get the best Hong Kong VPN with 49% off and 3 months FREE
You probably get the idea by now...if you need a VPN to use in Hong Kong, then ExpressVPN is the best option. It gets even more attractive when you consider that 30-day money-back guarantee and the fact that TechRadar readers can get 3 months free and 49% off when you sign up for a great value one year subscription.

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2. NordVPN

The world's most well-known VPN is a great choice in Hong Kong

Audited privacy policy
Tonnes of servers
Fast and reliable connections
ExpressVPN is slightly easier to use

You know that NordVPN means business when you discover that it has dedicated an entire team to the pursuit of getting around website blocking in countries like Saudi Arabia, Iran and China. They monitor connectivity and then get to work playing whack-a-mole when new blocks get in its way.

NordVPN brings some serious performance to the table, and we're not just talking about the lightning fast connection speeds we saw from servers all over the world. The privacy policy is clear, detailed and audited by PricewaterhouseCoopers - we may be geeks, but we find that pretty impressive. And the online security tools it has in place include double encryption and so-called 'Onion over VPN' which routes your traffic through NordVPN's own network and then via the private Onion network.

Customer support is truly useful, the mobile VPN apps are easy to use and the service has a proven tack record for unblocking all the usual TV streaming sites.

Like with Express above, if you're still a bit unsure about whether NordVPN is right for you, there's a 30 day money-back guarantee.

Surfshark - Hong Kong VPN

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3. Surfshark

Fully featured Hong Kong VPN but with a low subscription price

Incredible pricing
Actively works to unblock sites
Clean straightforward interface
Possibly too basic in some areas
Android app could use improvement

Surfshark has sky-rocketed in popularity of late. Maybe it's because of the strong reviews it has earned all over the internet. Or maybe, just maybe, it's because of its ridiculously cheap pricing!

While the sub-$2 a month price point will indeed be a lure for many, let's not understate the first part of that. Surfshark is offering a high quality VPN product here and the company's dedication to serving all your favorite websites in China means it's a natural fit in this countdown.

It has fewer servers and locations than the big boys above, but we love how straightforward and easy it is to use Surfshark both on desktop and its mobile apps. It leaves you in no doubt as to when it's on and what server you're connected to.

Privacy and security are likely to be a big concern with the Chinese-government lurking in Hong Kong, so its support for OpenVPN and IKEv2 security protocols, AES-256 encryption, and on-by-default kill switch should make you feel much better about keeping your private information encrypted. There's also a private DNS and a double VPN hop for additional security.

Despite the low pricing, Surfshark makes its service available to unlimited simultaneously connected devices, so you can share it around easily with friends and family as well.

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4. ProtonVPN Free

A solid free option if you want a VPN without paying a penny

No monthly data limits
Strong privacy game
Won't be the fastest
Only 3 servers available

We know, we know. You want a VPN but you don't want to pay for it. We understand - it's no great surprise that our best free VPN guide is such a popular read!

On that list you'll find ProtonVPN Free. And the thing that makes it really stand out in the crowd is the fact that it doesn't restrict you to only using your VPN for an allotted amount of data. Yep, a free service with unlimited data usage is a rare beast indeed.

Of course that means you'll be subject to some restrictions. Only three servers to start with - based in the US, Netherlands, but crucially also Japan. That proximity to Hong Kong should mean fast, reliable connections. And we like the fact that despites its price (or lack thereof), it still brings to the table a full no-logging privacy policy. You don't even have to give any more information than your email address when you sign in.

But don't expect great speeds, as they get throttled during peak times. So for anything more than checking and sending emails and checking your social media accounts while in Hong Kong, we'd definitely recommend choosing one of the providers above.

NordVPN Teams - VPN for Hong Kong

5. NordVPN Teams

One of the best business VPNs for Hong Kong

Super security at its heart
Great apps for your staff
Astonishing amount of servers
Pricier than consumer VPNs

The business-arm of the consumer-focused service above, NordVPN Teams has emerged as one of the premier players in the growing business VPN market.

Honestly, it boasts most of the same perks as its 'regular' baby brother above. 5,000+ servers in around 60 locations, excellent customer support, some of the toughest security protocols out there and sheer usability that even VPN novices can get started without trouble.

For the extra money you'll pay, you get the benefit of a dedicated account manager looking after you and your employees. That's a nice perk, especially if you do have staff on board who aren't as computer-savvy as others.

In addition, you get a dedicated business VPN server for internal use, and each VPN account is assigned a fixed dedicated IP address regardless of the location, network or device. Hong Kong-based businesses could benefit greatly from this service.

Hong Kong VPN: FAQ

Does ExpressVPN work in Hong Kong?

While we haven't been able to test ExpressVPN in person while located in Hong Kong, ExpressVPN has a great track record for bypassing geo-restrictions in order to access websites and streaming services whether abroad or internally blocked at a place or work or school.

With three servers based in Hong Kong, ExpressVPN has over 3,000 servers worldwide across 94 countries. This far-reaching network allows users to appear as if they're just about anywhere across the globe. In turn, this allows you to access different Netflix libraries, as well as social networks like Facebook and messaging service, WhatsApp.

Can I watch Netflix in Hong Kong?

Hong Kong natives can sign up for a Netflix subscription. This is great news and provides even more of a need for a Hong Kong VPN that allows you to watch Netflix. 

Whether you're from Hong Kong and traveling abroad, or you're a visitor in Hong Kong, a Netflix VPN will allow you to access your Netflix library as normal without facing geo-restrictions.

How do I get a Hong Kong VPN?

Choose from one of our top five Hong Kong VPN providers, visit its website and choose from one of its payment plans. Once you're signed up and logged in, you can choose which device you want to install your VPN on. A lot of the time a VPN service can detect what device you're using at the time and prompt you to install from there.

Downloading is fairly intuitive and straightforward. Once you have the client on your device, you can choose a server to connect to. If you want to appear within Hong Kong, search from the list of locations. Alternatively, you can look up a server based elsewhere around the world.

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