Crucial Ballistix PC2-6400

Is this RAM a false economy?

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Our Verdict

The price certainly appeals, but depending on your needs you may want to steer clear


  • Great value for money on paper


  • Serious performance concerns

Hurrah for Crucial! Two gigabytes of good solid 800MHz memory at a price-busting £214. We like the sound of that.

Still, we remember the days when system RAM was much cheaper, so performance had better be up to scratch. Certainly this sample from Crucial's enthusiast's range looks good on paper - CL4, 2.2V and so on.

While we're happy with the scores at stock speeds, with good showings in Source and SiSoft, it failed a moderate 10% speed ramp. When we did achieve a more modest 40MHz extra, speeds fell across the board. Except in F.E.A.R., where the score is so out of keeping with everything else, we're going to ignore it as an oddity that suggests a problem, rather than a significant achievement.