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Asus VG278H review

If only real life was in 3D, like on this PC monitor

Our Verdict

3D just got a lot easier on the eye - but the compromises 3D panels make remain an issue.


  • Amazing 3D
  • Bundled glasses
  • Height-adjustable


  • Image quality and chassis disappoint

Asus has jumped right on Nvidia's second generation of 3D Vision, incorporating its new LightBoost technology in the new Asus VG278H.

You know the usual pattern - 3D monitor is a capable gaming screen, lacks the colour quality of IPS panels, is slightly overpriced, that kind of thing... well the Asus VG278H is a bit different.

The reason? LightBoost.

This is Nvidia's big idea for improving 3D image quality. LightBoost is essentially an extra layer to the panel that compensates for any dimness before the image, making it twice as bright as previous 3D screens.

The shocker is that LightBoost actually does make a big difference. But that's not the only endearing feature of this screen; there's the height-adjustable bezel, bundled Nvidia 3D Vision 2 glasses and 27-inch panel.

Asus made one of the best 3D Vision screens for the last generation in the Asus VG236H, but there's plenty to be wary of when buying a 3D monitor though, so the Asus VG278H isn't home and dry yet - let's put our scrutinising hats on.