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Dell Latitude D630c review

Big on features and power, the latest Dell laptop impresses

Excellent usability is provided. The keyboard responds well and has a smooth typing action

Our Verdict

Impressive performance, battery life and features, but not the lightest chassis


  • Great price
  • Lots of good features
  • Strong performance
  • Long battery life


  • Bulky and heavy

Dell's Latitude range is one of the best known corporate laptop brands.

The Latitude D630c (£1056 inc. VAT) is a heavy laptop but compensates with impressive power, stability and battery life. The 2.5kg chassis makes this a hefty machine, but it is light enough for frequent travel.

Its battery runs for 228 minutes under constant use. A long-life battery is included and adds an extra 386 minutes to keep you working all day.

An excellent start from Dell

Excellent usability is provided. The keyboard responds well and has a smooth typing action. Both a touchpad and pointing stick are fitted, so you can choose your preferred method of control.

The 14.1-inch screen provides extra width over its rivals, ideal for spreadsheet use and viewing photos and videos. The matt TFT screen eliminates reflections. Colour and contrast are both impressive and images are sharp.

3D performance is great. The dedicated nVidia Quadro card is aimed at corporate users and provides power for the latest graphic- intensive business applications, as well as basic gaming.

Impressive performance

HSDPA wireless internet access is provided by a SIM card beneath the Dell's battery. Download speeds can't match the fastest home connections, but are ideal for mobile email and internet access.

Monthly Vodafone tariff prices start at £15 per month. The 2.2GHz Intel processor is backed by 2048MB of memory.

Performance was better than average and allows software to run smoothly and efficiently, making it easy to run multiple applications simultaneously.

A hard laptop to ignore

The 120GB hard drive provides ample storage for business and personal files. Its 5400rpm rotational speed provides fast disk access. Data can be saved to CD and DVD via the built-in DVD rewriter, but there is no support for media card formats.

A fingerprint scanner is included in the package. An intuitive software interface makes it easy to protect your valuable data. A built-in Wi-Fi finder lets you detect wireless hotspots, even when the laptop is switched off.

A notable feature is the use of Windows XP. While Windows Vista can be added for the latest features, XP is regarded as more stable with greater software and hardware compatibility. Business users are sure to appreciate the choice.

While the Dell Latitude D630c isn't the smallest laptop, its power and features make a worthy compromise. Unless you're looking for the tiniest ultraportable, this is a great choice for the mobile professional at a price that's hard to ignore.