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Movie Booths - robot DVD rental kiosks

Watch out for a Movie Booth in a Tesco near you soon
Watch out for a Movie Booth in a Tesco near you soon

Robotic 'Movie Booths' are launching across the UK and Ireland in the coming weeks, allowing you to rent and return DVDs without actually talking to any humans.

The Movie Booth kiosks are operated from a touch-screen access for you to rent DVDs on a pay-as-you-go basis.

Bye cute Blockbuster girl

You cannot really go wrong with the idiot-proof, three-step system. Choose a DVD from a selection of recent chart-toppers, pop in your credit or debit card, and take the DVD.

Movie Booths will be appearing on trials in selected Tesco, Centra and Applegreen stores soon. We expect that you will be seeing them nationwide pretty soon, as it's such a great concept.

Or just lazy downloading

Of course, if you really cannot be bothered to talk to anybody OR even leave the house you can also just choose to download your movies directly via your cable TV provider - Virgin Media or Sky Box Office, for example - or over the internet via services such as LoveFilm, iLoaded or Apple TV.

So no more small talk with the cute girl at BlockBuster. Oh, hang on…