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Virgin Mobile wants to give you free Apple AirPods with your new iPhone XR deal

iphone xr deals virgin mobile airpods
Image credit: Virgin Media (Image credit: Virgin Media)

Now well over 6 months old, there's no doubt that iPhone XR deals are heading in only one direction...down. Now Virgin Mobile is not only giving you the iPhone XR for £32 a month (over 36 months), but also throwing in a £159 pair of Apple AirPods for an extra quid per month. That's a tough deal to top.

If you want to go a little more old school then the iPhone 8 is available for the same £33 per month with 20GB of data, unlimited texts and 5,000 minutes. Or, if you trade-in an old phone – yes, any phone – and go for an iPhone 7 on contract, then you get an impressive £100 cashback as well.

For those needing SIM only deals, Virgin Mobile is now offering a tariff for £9 per month that gets you 6GB or £15 for 25GB. That also comes with roll-over data so anything you don't use can be used next month instead. But with free WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Twitter data you'll have to use a lot of YouTube and Spotify to use up that allowance.

Text to Switch

Mobile phone deals for July are looking particularly tasty as the major networks compete to draw you in following the latest Ofcom rules. The 'Text to Switch' initiative means you can text to get your PAC code which makes switching network - while also keeping your number - super simple.

Virgin Mobile's deals are set to end on July 31 or when stock runs out. Head straight to the Virgin Mobile website for all its offers.