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Samsung's new streaming service delivers virtual reality content for Gear VR

Samsung Gear VR
Is there enough to see through these lenses?

The creators of Samsung's Gear VR have admitted in the past that the device isn't quite ready for the mainstream just yet, and as a product meant for early adopters and enthusiasts one of its main problems is a lack of content.

Samsung's solution? A free streaming service called Milk VR that delivers 360-degree video content to Gear VR users, reports CNET. It's launching as a public technical preview.

Samsung is clearly hoping to make Milk VR the YouTube of virtual reality, with a selection of 360-degree videos between one and 10 minutes in length.

Currently Milk is far too small for that, its videos limited to just four categories (music, sports, actions, and lifestyle), but things might get interesting for Gear VR when it starts to expand.

Samsung introduced a 360-degree camera, "Project Beyond," for capturing VR content in November. Between that and the new, inexplicably named Milk VR service things might finally be getting good.