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P2P movie downloads coming to PlayStation 3?

Could Sony's PS3 soon be part of a high-powered P2P network?

Although the PlayStation 3 has plenty of computing muscle powering it, there's no doubt that there are also an amazing amount of flaws in what appears more like a work in progress than a supposedly cutting-edge console. One of the gaping holes in Sony's multimedia side of the equation could be patched soon if some hardcore PS3 fans claiming insider knowledge are to be believed.

Rumour has it that Sony is about to upgrade the console to include peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing for distributing large, potentially high-definition, movie files. Naturally, the closed nature of the PS3's online capabilities mean any P2P network will be closely controlled and not open to illegal file-trading, as is commonplace in open systems like BitTorrent.

Real downloads from virtual realm

The suggestion, discussed at Sony Protection Group and Gizmodo , is that the P2P service will arrive as part of the PlayStation Home virtual world first revealed in March.

If Sony does multiply P2P by PS3, we can only hope that it will equate to both films from its own studios and those from rivals, as well as speedy downloads and reasonable pricing. Otherwise, the likelihood of the company gaining ground already lost to rivals that do offer decent HD TV downloads looks slim.