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Panasonic BWT800 and BWT700 3D Blu-ray recorders announced

Panasonic's new 3D Blu-ray recorders
Panasonic's new 3D Blu-ray recorders

Panasonic has announced the arrival of two new 3D Blu-ray disc players, which have Freeview+HD built-in and are primed for the UK market.

The Panasonic DMR-BWT800 and DMR-BWT700 – to give them their full, convoluted names – have twin tuners on board, as well as 5.1-channel surround sound and the capability of piping out 3D content.

The BWT800 and BWT800 also have the ability to convert 2D to 3D, so any programmes you record on the machine you can pimp out in 3D.

Viera Cast enabled

Connectivity comes in the form of an SD slot, so you can plug your AVCHD content into the players. Alongside this is DLNA server functionality, Wi-Fi and users can also connect to Panasonic's Viera Cast through the machines.

There's also a high-speed copying function, which means you can record unprotected hard-drive content on to a Blu-ray drive in a speedier way.

Pricing and UK release date are still a bit of a mystery but expect these recorders to hit shelves soon.