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Samsung set to drop 720p LCD TVs

Samsung set to drop 720p for 37in and 40in sizes
Samsung set to drop 720p for 37in and 40in sizes

Samsung has revealed to TechRadar that it is set to drop 720p LCD sets at 37 and 40 inch sizes, as the price between it and 1080p HD TVs has shrunk to a negligible point in the last few months.

The spokesperson told us that the from now on 720p will only be used for TVs up to 32in screen sizes in forthcoming models.

Samsung will also not be using the Luxia brand name to market its TVs in the UK, and is currently weighing up other options before their release in April.

Strong lights

The new LED backlit LCD TVs are likely to be simply dubbed as LED backlit, as our source said: "The LED name is probably strong enough on its own."

The 7000 and 8000 series TVs will contain the much publicised Internet Widgets from Yahoo!, and Samsung is in talks to bring in local content, likely video on demand from local broadcasters or similar.

He also admitted that Samsung is hoping the new LED backlit units will help reinvigorate the LCD market, as "retailers are grateful for the new step up from the higher end range, as it gives them more balance back in the market."