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LG to sing plasma's praises at IFA 2011

Plasma - potentially great says LG
Plasma - potentially great says LG

LG has indicated that it a major part of its IFA 2011 thinking is around how it can push its plasma televisions in 'new and exciting directions'.

Plasma is very much at the forefront of LG's thinking, and it is hoping to showcase the benefits of the technology at the Berlin trade show.

"Through our on-going commitment to plasma, we've come up with technology that's raised plasma picture quality to new heights, and helped rejuvenate the overall plasma TV market," said Heui-seob Kim, vice president and head of the PDP TV business at LG Electronics.

True potential

"At IFA 2011, we'll be taking the chance to show European consumers the true potential of plasma, and how we're setting the pace with innovations that deliver real improvements in how viewers can watch and interact with their TVs."

Plasma televisions are going through tough times currently, battling against the LCD displays that are proliferating.

However, it is clear that some of the major manufacturers are keen to not let the technology become obsolete, and colour reproduction is clearly one of the selling points.