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Samsung shows off 40-inch Full HD OLED

Samsung's 2005 40in OLED effort... that model still hasn't moved
Samsung's 2005 40-inch OLED effort... that model still hasn't moved

Samsung clearly doesn't care about the economic slowdown, posting decent profits despite its LCD business taking a hit, as it unveiled a 40-inch Full HD OLED at Flat Panel Display International.

Not content with piddly little 14-inch and 31-inch OLED panels it had brought to the event in Japan, the company added a new level to the OLED game by bringing the Full HD set along too.

World's first

A sign proudly labelled the display as the world's first and the world's largest, but lest we forget the debacle at IFA 2008, when both it and Sony showed off 'the world's first 200Hz LCD panel'.

Of course, some of you will remember the 40-inch OLED panel the company boasted three years ago, but the current model has over twice the resolution at 1,920x1,080, as well as a contrast of 1 million to one.

Not too shabby... even though Samsung has still yet to bring out a production OLED model and there's still no word on when this 40-inch monster will hit the markets.