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The latest Chromecast update adds more features for iOS users

And you thought the screen saver was dead

Google has updated the Chromecast app for iOS with the "Backdrop" feature, which gives users more control over what appears on their screens.

Backdrop kicks in whenever Chromecast isn't casting something specific, and now iOS users can use it to take the HDMI stick's idle screen beyond the current time and featured photos.

Yes, Backdrop is about as exciting a feature as the name suggests - it's essentially a glorified screen saver.

Getting crazy

Now Chromecast users with the iOS app can choose to have the streaming dongle display photos pulled directly from their Google+ accounts, satellite images of Earth and space, or art from featured museums.

You can also display the weather and current news headlines if you want to go really nuts.

There are some settings to tweak, like what kinds of headlines are display and exactly where it pulls images from.

But more importantly the iOS app connects directly with Backdrop, letting you follow up on content displayed on your TV - including headlines and photos - directly within the Chromecast app.