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Samsung Pay UK release date tipped for May 16

Samsung launched its smartphone-based contactless payment technology back in August 2015, but we’re nearing the two year mark and Samsung Pay is yet to make it to the UK – but our wait may well be over very soon. 

Samsung customer care reps appear to have spilled the beans on the Samsung Pay UK release date, with May 16 seemingly ‘confirmed’ by two separate employees to a tipster who forwarded over the conversations to SamMobile

While it’s not concrete information – and support reps have been wrong in the past – it’s our best indication yet that Samsung is finally getting its payment tech in order.

Still waiting for confirmation

We contacted Samsung for further details on this report, but a spokesperson told us "Samsung does not comment on rumor or speculation."

Samsung Pay will go head-to-head with Apple Pay and Android Pay when it finally hits the UK, and with its two rivals already firmly established it may be difficult to get users to switch.

Having said that, once Samsung Pay does land we can expect the app to come pre-installed on Samsung phones - which may make your choice a little easier if it's staring you in the face.