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Amazon domain name hints at imminent Kindle Scribe launch

Amazon domain name hints at imminent Kindle Scribe launch
Kindle - soon to come with added stylus?

Amazon has registered a new domain name,, which could provide clues to what the company's next hardware launch will entail.

The inclusion of the word 'Scribe' suggests that a Stylus will make an appearance somewhere; could we be looking at a Kindle that allows you to make handwritten annotations?

After all, the HTC's stylus-toting tablet, the HTC Flyer, describes its pen-based software with the same word.

Prescribing a tablet?

What's more, we're expecting a Kindle upgrade any day now ever since Amazon dropped the US price of the popular ereader in early August.

Then again, we're also eagerly awaiting the launch of Amazon's much-rumoured tablet; it's possible that the retail behemoth will launch it under the Kindle brand, although we think that's less likely.

The Amazon Tablet release date has been mooted as October 2011, so the timing could very well work.

Still, we think an annotatable ereader is the more likely of the options and we await the launch of the with growing interest.


Fancy a bit more speculation? Have a watch of our Amazon Kindle Tab rumour round up in video form:

Via SlashGear