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Panasonic power zoom lenses: hands on video

Panasonic X lens
The new 14-42mm 'X' lens from Panasonic automatically extends and retracts.

Two new lenses have been added to Panasonic's line-up for for the G series, a 14-42mm kit lens and a 45-175mm telezoom lens.

The new lenses are the first interchangeable lenses in the world to feature a 'power zoom' - a switch on the side of the lens for zooming in and out, as opposed to the standard zoom ring.

The 14-42mm kit lens is incredibly compact, with the ability to automatically extend and retract when the camera is switched on or off. The small size of the lens makes it more akin to a 20mm pancake lens and is handy for slipping into a bag.

Available from October, the 14-42mm lens will be available on its own or as part of a GF3'X' kit. The 45-175mm lens will be available from September.

We popped along the to the UK launch event of the new lenses to find out more, have a look at our video hands on.