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Samsung working on bezel-less Galaxy B smartphone?

Samsung working on bezel-less Galaxy B smartphone?
Could this proposed Galaxy B actually be the Galaxy S3?

Samsung Mobile looks to be taking a leaf out of the book of its comrades in the TV business by developing a new smartphone with a bezel-less display.

Reports emanating from South Korea on Friday suggest the company is working on the Samsung Galaxy B which will be its first smartphone to boast an edge-to-edge display.

The Maeil Business Newspaper says the as-yet-unconfirmed Galaxy B's display will engulf the entire face of the device, save a small area at the top to house a speaker and a front-facing camera.

Reports suggest that, if that were the case, Samsung would be forced to ditch the rounded corners which have appeared on its flagship handsets as of late.

Is this really the Galaxy S3?

Of course, the Galaxy B could turn out to be the Galaxy S3, with much of the speculation surrounding that device pointing towards a bezel-less display.

In the company's CES wrap video, Samsung showed-off an unidentified device which boasted an edge-to-edge display of sorts that many believed to be the Galaxy S3.

The MBN report says we should prepare for a Q2 or Q3 launch which fits in with the latest estimates for an S3 release.

Via: TechCrunch