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Samsung to deliver awesome update to i8910HD

Samsung still loves the i8910HD
Samsung still loves the i8910HD

Samsung is set to update the firmware for its expensive-but-cool i8910HD handset, with a number of decent upgrades thrown under the hood.

The i8910HD is one of very few Symbian handsets for the firm (and may even be the last), and while the others appear to have fallen by the wayside, this one has been given the upgrade treatment.

Top of the pile is kinetic scrolling, so users will be able to 'throw' menus up and down in a similar way to the iPhone and Android devices.

Throwing it around

There's also an improved web browser, thanks to upgraded Webkit software, and an improved graphics engine for better access to all the multimedia stuff the phone is famed for (HD video recording for instance).

We're not sure when it's going to land, but word is it will be hitting Italy before 2010 and the UK early next year – which will please all those users who have been forced to crack their handset to lever in upgraded software already.

Either way, we're pleased Samsung is stepping up to the plate – but if you want to give us an extra Christmas treat, please can you make it turn invisible too?

Via Engadget