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Samsung ships 8GB phone memory chip

Samsung's new flash memory chip is intended to meet the increasing demands of mobile phone features

Samsung has today started shipping samples of an internal 8GB memory chip for mobiles, further boosting the opportunity for multimedia on mobiles.

Samsung's new moviNAND chip is 10 - 20 per cent smaller than other flash-based chips of its kind, and can transfer data at a blistering 52MB per second. Ideal for multimedia phones, the chip will enable owners to store even more music and video downloads, ringtones and pictures on their devices.

According to the Korean-based manufacturer, demand for fast and secure mobile phone storage is driving the development of larger chips. Samsung's moviNAND doesn't herald a new generation of chips - indeed it's built to an existing industry standard. However, the company is confident about its approach to embedded flash memory and believes the market for moviNAND will be worth $4bn (£2bn) by 2010.

The new chips are due to be mass-produced in the second quarter of this year.