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Samsung Galaxy S6 Active may bring back the microSD slot

Samsung Galaxy S6
Samsung Galaxy S6

Rumours of a Samsung Galaxy S6 Active begun even before we had a full look at the Galaxy S6, and now a source is suggesting the phone will be remarkably similar to the Galaxy S6.

A Reddit user claims to have spoken with a Samsung representative about the Galaxy S6 Active and managed to squeeze a few bits of information out of them about the upcoming handset.

According to the post, a microSD card slot will be on the new phone as well as some new hardware buttons on the front.

The removable battery will also make a comeback on the new device, which suggests the design will feature a removable back panel as well.

Tougher design

Unlike the Galaxy S6, the S6 Active won't come with a fingerprint reader, a heart rate monitor and will also have a lower resolution sensor in the camera.

Obviously these comments should be taken with a big pinch of salt as Reddit is, well, Reddit - but it does sound along the lines of what we'd already heard.

Previously a rumour suggested there would be a water and dustproof design, a feature many have missed on the Galaxy S6.