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Samsung Galaxy S3 to come with all day battery?

Samsung to boost battery juice in 2012
Angry Bird marathon anyone?

The days when you feared for your mobile phone's life may be coming to an end, with Samsung announcing that all handsets released in 2012 will last all day on a single charge.

Kevin Packingham, VP of product innovation at Samsung, said in an interview with CNET that all handsets released this year will last from when you get up until you go to sleep, with moderate to heavy usage.

Across the board, mobile phone users always seem to have issues with battery life on their smartphones. As more and more technology is packed into devices, the demand on the battery becomes greater and greater.

In for the long haul

Battery issues on various handsets were highlighted last year, including the iPhone 4S (with iOS 5) and the Lumia 800, so we hope Samsung are leading the 'charge' in battery life, with others to follow suit.

Is Samsung's promise of one day good enough though? We still remember the days when mobile phones would last weeks, no matter how much Snake you played...