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Samsung Galaxy S3 hits 20 million sales mark

Samsung Galaxy S3 hits 20 million sales mark
The enthusiasm is infectious

Samsung has sold over 20 million Samsung Galaxy S3s in the hundred days since its release.

The company says it has shifted 200,000 handsets per day since the Galaxy S3's release at the end of May 2012 (as maths fans had probably already divined).

That makes it the fastest moving Samsung handset in history, which the company has celebrated with the rather sweet but also quite serious photo above.


Interestingly, the company has sold more S3s in Europe (6 million) than the US (4 million), while racking up 2.5 million sales in its native Korea.

It took the Galaxy S2 ten months to hit 20 million sales last year, while Apple said it had shifted 365 million iOS devices in total as of March 2012.

The iPhone 5, meanwhile, has been predicted to hit heady new heights with 250 million sales once it's launched.

But we're glad to see Samsung announce a bit of good news after its recent run-ins with Apple and the potential for a host of its Galaxy line-up to be banned in the US.

From Samsung Tomorrow via Engadget