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Samsung Galaxy S 2.3 update confirmed by Vodafone

Samsung Galaxy S 2.3 update on its way
Samsung Galaxy S 2.3 update on its way

Samsung Galaxy S owners, begin to rejoice: the 2.3 update has been confirmed for users in the UK.

But hold the party poppers if you're not on Vodafone - the big red network is the only provider confirming the Galaxy S 2.3 update for now.

Even if you're not one of the Voda lot, it's still a good sneaky peek into what's coming - and it seems a number of the updates will help fix some of the performance issues still living inside the phone:

- UI Enhancements (simpler and slicker)

- New Android Keyboard, with easy copy/paste feature

- Improved Power Management

- Multiple Camera Management (front and back)

- The ability to switch the device to GSM (2G) only mode has been restored in this update.

Better, faster, stronger

So, the upshot is hopefully the following - better battery life, faster operation with lag reduced, easier typing and more functionality.

However, it won't be a simple case of waiting for your phone to update: the only way to see if you're eligible is to connect it up to Samsung KIES on your computer.

We'll be updating our Samsung Galaxy S review in the near future once the update lands, and we'll bring you our definitive verdict over whether it's worth holding off that Galaxy S2 purchase or not.