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Reebok iPhone app lets you customise trainers

Reebok - customise your 'sneakers'
Reebok - customise your 'sneakers'

Reebok has launched an iPhone application that allows people to customise and buy a pair of trainers.

Described as a 'groundbreaking' (read moneymaking) app, Reebok's iPhone application allows users to customise one of three different style of sports shoe – The Freestyle, The Classic Leather and The Ventilator – with 19 colours, four materials and in 23 different areas.

The free app apparently 'combines the revolutionary iPhone features such as touch, motion and GPS to create a truly engaging consumer experience not seen before on mobile.'

The 'brand in your hand'

So what's in it for Reebok? Well cash obviously – the customised trainers will set you back from between £80 to £120.

"This is truly a world first. The Reebok app is an exciting new way of engaging consumers with our brand," said Reebok's Head of Global Brand Marketing Richard Prenderville.

"Customisation has been a hugely successful part of for over two years; now we can truly say 'we're the brand in your hand!'"