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McAfee and Symantec eyeing iPhone apps

iPhone - a target for cyber-criminals?
iPhone - a target for cyber-criminals?

Anti-malware giants Symantec and McAfee are seemingly racing to develop applications for Apple's iPhone.

A Reuters report suggest that both security companies are keen to develop software for Apple's popular phone, although the final form of the application is yet to be finalised.

Symantec's concept appears to be very similar to Apple's MobileMe service – backing up user data to protect against the eventuality of a problem.

The company pointed out that it would not be developing anti-virus software for the device, although it monitored potential issues


Symantec Rivals McAfee's Chief Executive Dave DeWalt told Reuters that an iPhone product was being developed, adding: "We are working on a much more comprehensive suite for the Apple family."

"The more applications become available, the more the threat of security and the threat of identity and data loss is there," he said.

Via Reuters