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LG Chem may have created the bendiest OLED display yet

LG Chem flexible display
That could come in handy

Flexible displays have still yet to appear en masse, despite many of the biggest tech companies spending lots of time and money developing them.

There are plenty of barriers to the tech, but LG Chem has created a bendy OLED display that's more flexible than any that have come before it, reports

The reason? It's made of plastic instead of glass, according to the site.

This makes it truly bendable - as you can see from the site's images - and much harder to break.

Overcoming barriers

Previous barriers to using plastic displays included plastic's inferior efficiency, luminance and color rendering index (CRI) compared with glass, but the company has reportedly solved those problems.

LG Chem is a business-to-business supplier, so these flexible displays might not be found only on LG devices. Initial samples of the tech are reportedly already available to potential customers.

The site says LG Chem is "ready to announce" the displays now, so an official introduction might be underway soon.