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Cheaper Samsung Galaxy S2 already on cards?

Cheaper Samsung Galaxy S2 incoming?
Cheaper Samsung Galaxy S2 incoming?

Samsung has confirmed to TechRadar that it will offer the new Samsung Galaxy S2 (Galaxy II) with or without NFC technology, and has begun discussions with UK networks.

Michael Heath, business development manager for Samsung Mobile, said that not all networks were on board as yet, but discussions were ongoing.

He confirmed that O2 and Orange were already on board, which is no surprise given both have participated in NFC trials in the UK already.

Cheaper Galaxy S2 incoming?

However, other networks are yet to come on board and may take a potentially cheaper version of the Samsung Galaxy S2.

Given the new Galaxy S2 is packed with all the latest technology in a super-slim design, it's probably going to cost a fair bit, so potential cost savings may sway networks.

However, Heath added that the cost difference between the two handsets would be fairly negligible; this could mean that the networks will just absorb the cost difference in order to push their mobile contactless payments platform.