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3G LG Shine hits UK stores

The 3G version of LG's Shine has been released

Anyone who's been holding out for a 3G version of the lustrous LG Shine need wait no more - it's now available to buy from 3 in the UK.

The 3G version of the LG Shine (the U970, to give it its full name) has just arrived in UK stores, bringing high-speed multimedia connectivity to the metal and mirrored minimalism of the original slimline sliderphone.

With an added front-facing camera, the Shine U970 is capable of video calling. It also comes equipped with high-speed HSDPA (High Speed Downlink Packet Access) 3G - enabling web browsing and downloading of video and music at up to 3.6Mbit/s.

The U970 maintains the 2-megapixel camera with Schneider-Kreuznach lens of the original KE970 Shine and has video and multi-format music players onboard. It offers 575MB of internal memory but, unlike with the original GSM/GPRS Shine, it doesn't have expandable MicroSD card memory.

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Stereo Bluetooth is provided for streaming tracks to Bluetooth headphones or speaker set ups, while USB mass storage makes transferring files to the phone a simple case of drag and drop.

The Shine U970 can be bought now from free on 3 tariffs charging £35 per month and above.