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OnePlus 5 camera comparison teases improved low-light skills

The OnePlus 5 is rumored to pack dual-cameras on its rear, and a fresh tweet from the brand has now given us a glimpse of its potential.

OnePlus tweeted an image taken on the OnePlus 5 stitched to an image taken on another, unknown handset to show off its new flagship’s low-light skills.

 The tweet asks “can you tell which photo was taken with the OnePlus 5?” and the answer is surely number two – with greater image detail, sharper lines and better control over the lights on the bridge over the shot to its left. It would be weird for OnePlus to highlight its inferior performance...

It looks promising then, but it’s not clear whether the image was taken with auto-mode, or heavily tweaked in a professional mode on the OnePlus 5. 

With us also not knowing which phone it’s been put up against, it’s difficult to truly sing the camera’s praises just yet. 

We’ve asked OnePlus for more information, and we will update this article once we hear back.

We already know the OnePlus 5 will come with Qualcomm's Snapdragon 835 processor and will launch sometime this summer - while other rumors point towards a full-metal body and QHD display.